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Bioenergy – Anaerobic Digesters

Why now is the time to harness Bioenergy

As biomass can consist of bio-crops, food waste, animal slurry, grass silage and any other biodegradable material, AD will provide attractive business opportunities to the following:-

Arable or Dairy Farmers

Local authorities and food processors

An AD business model to suit you

  • Our flexible AD business model will be tailored to your specific business size and appropriate biomass inputs.
  • Long-term fixed Feed-in Tariffs and Renewable Heat Incentives are available - we are able to match these to the equipment life and secure appropriate long-term financing from our funding partners.
  • Based on known production efficiencies and capital costs, we can demonstrate an attractive pay-back period and profitability.

We offer legislation and planning servicesMerivium Green Energy Business Solutions

Working with our preferred equipment supplier, we offer a full design, build and after-care service. This service includes:

  • Initial production analysis to scope the plant
  • Planning and permit applications
  • Design and build
  • Operational commissioning
  • After-care

Our Green energy partner has many years’ experience building and operating anaerobic digestion plants.

With proven technology delivering above-average efficiency and cost benefits, we are delighted to be working in this key environmental area.