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Merivium will provide you with a choice of effective training courses, tailor-made to suit you. With a choice between traditional on and off site training courses, or more flexible blended learning. A combination of multi-media learning allows individual to progress in a way and a time that fits into their working week.

Train and develop your staff effectively:

  • Find out how to create a culture of self-improvement
  • Get experienced business coaching support to reinforce learning
  • A business development plan that links learning with measurable business improvement measures
  • Keeps training costs down with focused plans that deliver a return on your investment
  • Use highly experienced and accredited training providers
  • Training is reinforced by coaching and mentoring support
  • Training that is tailored to suit you

Available courses:

Management Training

The power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) [2 Days] Management Today [1 Day] Effective People Management [2 Days] Effective Team Leadership [2 Days] Effective Time Management [1-3 Days] In-House customised Management Development [1-5 Days]

General training for Managers and Staff

Managing the Pace [1-2 Days] Stress Management [1 Day] Problem solving [1 Day] Power Presentations for Professionals [2 Days] Professional PA (Personal Assistant) [1 Day] Professional Speaking and Presentation [2 Days] Team Building / Total Customer Focus [2 Days] Target setting and Reviewing [1 Day] Train the Trainer [2-3 Days] Professional Negotiation [1 Day]

Sales Training

The Yes Seminar [1/2 Day] Winning Today [1 Day] Professional Selling [2 Days] Master Salesmanship [3 Days] Professional Selling and Negotiation [2 Days] Professional Retail Sales [2 Days] Selling Software Solutions [2 Days]

Customer Care & Telephone Skills

Telephone Techniques [1 Day] Telephone Today [1 Day] Customer Care [1 Day] Effective Selling by Telephone [2 Days] Effective Telemarketing [1 Day] Successful Collection Techniques [1 Day]

Quality & More

Quality Awareness for Managers [1 Day] Internal Quality auditing [2 Days] Advanced Quality Auditing [1 Day] Facilitating Quality Improvement Teams [2 Days] The Power of Quality Auditing [1 Day] Creating a climate of Continual Improvement [1 Day] Contract Awareness [1 Day] Mentoring and Advice for Senior Managers [As req.]

Gain access to NLP specialists. Neuro-linguistic-practitioners who will improve capability, self-reliance and team-work ethic in your staff by demonstrating how self-determination can be mastered through overcoming learned limitations. NLP will help you to achieve your goals by ‘modelling excellence’ and creating change, for better results.

Using personal profiling tools, Merivium will map the motivational preferences and behavioural characteristics of individuals to give an insight to how they are likely to perform in certain circumstances. This analysis will help you build strong teams, matching the right skills to key business opportunities.

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