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What Merivium can do for you as a franchisor:

Let Merivium find you the very best candidates who meet your franchise profile with the investment potential or access to funds. We’ll save you time by introducing only the best candidates and manage the complete process for you.

What Merivium can do for you as the franchisee:

Let Merivium introduce you to franchised business opportunities across a range of different industries. We will match your skills and experience to the needs of our clients who are looking for talented individuals with entrepreneurial flair, passion and commitment.

Our approach:

  • Welcome: Merivium welcomes enquiries from well-connected business people interested in setting up their own franchised business.
  • Find: We actively search for entrepreneurs and business managers with capabilities to match the franchise requirement.
  • Select: Merivium use a telephone interview and screening process to select and candidates for recommendation.
  • Introduce: Merivium will introduce candidates to the franchisors by inviting them to a presentation, meeting, or taster event.
  • Explain: We will provide franchise prospectus and other information to explain the business opportunity.
  • Appoint: We will liaise between franchisee and franchisor to facilitate the following process:

Our franchising process:

  1. Expression of interest
  2. Attend franchise meeting
  3. Reserve franchise area
  4. Enter and progress through due-diligence
  5. Contract completion
  6. Aftercare

Franchising FAQs

Q – What are the benefits of taking on a franchise?

Q – How long will the franchising process take?

Q – Can I get help with funding?

Q – What level of support can Merivium provide?

The benefits of taking on a franchise business

The prospect of success as a franchise business are far greater than they are for the entrepreneur who chooses to go it alone.

Setting up and running your own business can be costly, time consuming and complicated – especially when creating your own products, services and intellectual property, at the same time as trying to do everything else. Essentially, franchising enables you to enjoy the benefits of an established business with the expertise and support usually only available in larger companies.

Associated time scale

6-9 weeks from the first meeting to contract completion

It’s important that we stick to this timetable because there is often more than one expression of interest in a franchise area. Payment of a reservation fee will reserve your franchise area and secure you a 28 day period to exclusively review the opportunity. [NB: Should you decide not to proceed during this period, the fee is fully refundable, less an admin charge to cover costs].

Franchise funding support

For individuals who are interested in a franchise business but need help with funds: Merivium will introduce you to funding from traditional bank or non-bank sources – experts who specialise in providing working capital or personal-funding options. We’ll ensure that you’re provided with business and cash-flow planning models, to assess your requirements.

How Merivium can support you

We will provide you with short, medium or longer-term support, to match your needs and budget.

Mervium will introduce you to opportunities that match your skills and experience , so that you’re not taking a ‘leap into the dark’. All of the franchisors we work with actively encourage candidates to participate in a due diligence process, allowing them to get a better understanding of the business before making an investment decision.

We will provide franchise-business and cash-flow forecasting models to enable you to plan your business before committing funds. This will enable you explore ‘what if’ scenarios based on different sales forecasts.

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