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Our business consulting process:

  1. Initial conversation to understand your needs and priorities: agree scope and scale of our involvement
  2. A meeting to explore ideas in detail: agree objectives and timescale for achievements
  3. We will present you with a range of options, clear action plans for implementation to achieve the agreed outcomes. E.g. Increase sales, improve profit margins, restructuring and organisation.

In our experience there are 3 key focus areas that businesses want our help with:

“Improve my sales and profit margins”

Merivium will work directly with you and your team to identify any obstacles to growth or margin constraints that you might be experiencing. We will then build capability where weaknesses are apparent, by ensuring that you have the best skills, products systems and processes in place. We will help you find new and improved ways of doing things to achieve competitive advantage and strengthened position in the market place.

“Make my business more attractive and investment friendly”

Merivium will take a fresh look at your business and help you to shape it for investment readiness; by helping you look at your business the way potential investors will see it.

By undertaking a S.W.O.T. analysis we will identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your organisation. We will then present you with a plan of action, for implementation within an agreed time frame. Merivium can be as involved as much as you decide.

“Prepare my business for sale or my successor”

Merivium will ensure that your business if best positioned for sale or handover to your nominated successor. Together we will look at the key areas; premises, people, products, price, processes, efficiency and performance, to ensure your achieving the full potential to maximize value.

We will then introduce you to the right people who can help sell your business. Alternatively we can introduce you to senior executives with investment potential and the capability to take your business forward.

Merivium will provide you with options and clearly defined action plans. To ensure the best results, Merivium will determine a suitable timetable and work with you to achieve a managed exit strategy.

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