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Merivium will find people who are not currently available to you – we operate in the non-advertised jobs market. We will introduce a minimum of 3 ideal candidates for each role. All you need to do is to decide which candidate suits you and your business best.

Recruitment process:

  • Initial conversation to understand your needs and priorities: agree job specification and personal profile
  • We will find and telephone interview potential candidates who meet the profile
  • Shortlist and interview candidates in person [unless opting for fast-track arrangements]
  • Provide you with a shortlist of up to three qualified candidates for interview and appointment
  • We will provide psychometric reports to help evaluate candidates and inform the selection process
  • Merivium will attend first interviews to ensure the process runs smoothly
  • You decide which candidate you wish to appoint and make a formal offer and we will assist with as little or as much help is needed to gain formal acceptance and agree start dates
  • We will obtain and supply necessary references and debrief the remaining candidates, providing feedback


Within four weeks of their start date Merivium will follow up with the successful candidate; to ensure they have settled in and are happy in their new role. We will provide you with any feedback.

Fast-track arrangements:

under certain circumstances you may be under time pressures that require Merivium to work even faster than the 6-9 weeks usually taken to find and appoint successful candidates. By deciding electing to use our fast-track services, stage 3 is removed from our process and we rely upon our telephone interview and assessment, before introducing short-listed candidates to you. This can save as much as 2 weeks, reduce the cost for Merivium and you.

Standard of care:

Unlike recruitment agencies who provide candidates for an advertised position, it is very likely that we will present candidates from existing competitor roles who would not otherwise be available to you. As Merivium will have approached these qualified specialists, managers or executives on your behalf, we must manage their expectations accordingly, with absolute discretion and the highest standard of care.

“How can you save me time and money?”

When you appoint Merivium, you will avoid the need for expensive recruitment advertising and multiple job boards.

Time will be saved because we will manage the complete process for you and only present a shortlist of qualified candidates.

“How will Merivium find people that we couldn’t find ourselves?”

We will use our head-hunting skills and extensive networks to find qualified candidates, often operating in the non-advertised job market. Merivium will approach competitors and talk to their key staff, interesting them in considering a change that they hadn’t previously contemplated. Merivium will not contact companies or suppliers that you tell us not to.

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