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Sustainable Business Opportunities and Energy for our Future World

Merivium business solutions thinking green

Why should businesses look to go green in 2013?

Because by 2020, EU and UK legislation requires the achievement of the following targets:-

      • 15% of the energy delivered to UK consumers should come from renewable sources
      • 50% of household waste should be recycled
      • 65% reduction in biodegradable municipal waste going to landfill compared to 1995

What opportunities are there?

With question marks against more wind power, and with other renewable technologies still under development or unable to contribute enough, anaerobic digestion offers a significant business opportunity for farmers, food-related businesses and local authorities.

What are the benefits?

        1. New income streams
        2. Savings
        3. Diversification of your business for the future

Merivium Green Energy Business Solutions

With proven technology delivering above-average efficiency and cost benefits, we are delighted to be working in this key environmental area.

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